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Eating right often takes a back seat to a busy life, but with nutritional counseling, you'll discover how easy healthy eating can become part of your everyday lifestyle.  Whether your want to lose weight, treat a medical condition, or learn how to make healthier food choices, we can help you reach your goals.  


Wai Ting Chung, MPH, RD, CDN is a Registered Dietitian credentialed by the American Dietetic Association (ADA). Wai Ting holds Bachelor's degrees from Columbia University and Brooklyn College, as well as a Masters in Public Health from Hunter College.


She offers individual nutrition counseling with the goal of providing you with the foundation and tools to make healthy eating a part of your life.  She has worked with thousands of individuals to tailor nutrition plans to meet their specific needs.  Her philosophy focuses on balance,  which allows you to still enjoy your favorite foods, while achieving your nutritional goals.




Conditions treated by Nutritional Counseling

Weight Management/Health Eating

Diabetes & Pre-diabetes

High Blood Pressure

Food Allergies

Pregnancy/Post Partum

Pediatric Nutrition Concerns

Digestive Issues